The United Church baptizes people of all ages. Baptisms are scheduled during Sunday morning worship in consultation with our minister.  Baptism is a symbolic and public act to signify a desire to follow the way of Jesus, to belong to a church community and to acknowledge the GRACE, the unconditional love, of God in which we have been created.

Baptism is above all a sacrament of GRACE.  There are no “requirements;” your child is always welcome.  By bringing your child for baptism your will be promising to:

  • Be compassionate, kind, humble, and patient,
  • Be a person who is able to forgive,
  • Live with wisdom and with gratitude in your heart,
  • Seek above all else to love, as God loves,
  • Participate in a life of justice making,
  • Depend on the power of the Spirit of God, and
  • Let the peace of Christ guide your heart  ( Colosssians 3; 12-17)

 The Godparents, should you choose to have Godparents, will promise their love and care. The congregation of Alberni Valley United Church will promise its support for you and your child in whatever form that may take over the years.