Communion: Dining with the Divine On-Line

 Rev. Minnie invites you to a Dine with the Divine on  Sunday, July 7, 2019 We will gather to prepare the table at 10:30 am.

To prepare to  Dine with the Divine bring to your table, be it a dining room table, a coffee table, a picnic table outside, or the comfort of your favourite chair, some bread and juice(grape, fruit punch, apple juice) or water. We will connect around the cyber table.

In homes or churches, in the world wide web or on Facebook live, or in pews or chairs no matter where or how we dine we are all connected. My story becomes part of your story. Entwined with the Divine, we are nourished with hope. We connect body and soul, neighbours and strangers, visible and invisible, divine and human.  Everything is connected.  Everything is one.  Wherever you are, God is.

Come to the table, open your hands, take bread and juice(water), remember that others dine with you at a table of mutuality, revolutionary love, and justice-seeking.  In physical or cyberspace we are connected.    Bread for your journey. A cup of blessing.