Lecto divina

Lectio: A Spiritual Practice
Lectio Divina is an ancient practice of listening  and praying with the Biblical story in which you discover  its connections to your life now. Listening  is the art of connecting more deeply with yourself, God, and others. There is a blessing in listening to  of how others in the group are making their own connections with the Holy.
First Reading:  Listening for what catches  your attention
The first movement of lectio is to  listen to the reading of scripture. Listen for a word or phrase which catches your attention, a word or a phrase which you are drawn to, or  stands out for you more than the rest of the text. What word catches your attention? Please share around the circle* and invite the next person to your right to share.
Second Reading:  Listening for connections  
The second movement of lectio is discovering  how the word or phrase unfolds in your imagination, listening for what images, feelings, and memories are stirring .  What connections are occurring for you?  A question relating to the particular bible passage may also be asked. For example if the passage were Isaiah 65: 17-25( The Lion and Lamb lie down together) This questions might be asked: How does this vision challenge our society?  
Third Reading:  Listening for an Invitation
The third movement of lectio is responding to what has been rising up within us, and listening for the invitation from God.  This invitation may be a call toward a new awareness, connection or action.  What does God invite you to do, be or change ?