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People connect with Alberni Valley United in a variety of ways - Sunday Worship, weekly e-mail, Youth Group, Happy Times tea, Dinners( Chinese New Year, Greek)Outreach and Social Justice opportunities, Cantata Choir, Bell Choir, Facebook - there are many ways of being part of the Alberni Valley United Family. Alberni Valley United Church is constantly changing as we emerge and become more of what God wants us to be. AVUC Vision Statement We the people of Alberni Valley United Church declare publicly our commitment to creating a caring community where all people belong regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, differing abilities, ethnic background or social and economic circumstance. We make a life-giving difference as we accept, connect and emerge with all people. All persons are welcome to take part in every aspect of church life including, but not limited to, baptism, communion, membership, leadership, and the celebration of life’s milestones such as birth, marriage, and death. We celebrate the richness that diversity brings to our church, even as it challenges us. We pray for God’s spirit to guide us as we work for peaceful reconciliation and justice for all persons in both church and society.