Tree of Your Life

February 17, 2019 (1:01 PM) -- Minnie

The Tree of Life consists of seven parts:


1.The Roots – your history and ancestry: Where do you come from?

2.The Soil – your values and soul-forces: What do you ground yourself in? Where do you draw strength from?  What feeds your spirit?

3.The Trunk – your influences or sources of information: Who or what has shaped or is shaping you?

4.The Branches – your creations and partnerships: What are you manifesting in the world?  What organizations are you a part of?

5.The Leaves or Fruit – your accomplishments: What do you feel proud of?

6.The Blossoms/Buds – your dreams: What do you hope for, now, and  in the future?

7.The Dead Branches – things you are trying to unlearn: What do you want to let go of in your life?!Aqr2XgtuX-X9jXaHMErrSo5wvx-K

This week  I invite you to reflect on these questions, then draw your tree putting your words on the tree. Then bring, or email your tree, to church next Sunday. We ’ll create a gallery of trees. Please don’t put your name on your tree; we’ll have some fun figuring out whose tree is whose by the words!