Wild Church

July 10, 2019 (8:31 AM) -- Minnie

Wild Church is not just church moved outside. Wild Church is about reconciling with the land and listening to her sacred teachings. At Wild Church people will contemplate beauty, listen to sacred readings,( this month from Wendell Berry) walk listening to the earth and share learnings.

The Wild Church walk in the woods will meet on the Kitsuksus Dyke Walk at the Gertrude Rd. Underpass. We will walk to the Kitsuksus creek bridge.
( There is parking at Blair Park or Margaret Street)

“ We have the world to live in on the condition that we will take good care of it. And to take good care of it, we have to know it. And to know it and to be willing to take care of it, we have to love it.” ~Wendell Berry

All are welcome. Dress for the weather.
No cost. No preparation. No expectation.

Wild Church is hosted by Rev. Minnie Hornidge, The Centre for Faith, Dialogue, Connection and Learning and Alberni Valley United Church