Weddings are wonderful celebrations! A church wedding performed by a minister is similar to a civil wedding performed by a marriage commissioner—both services must meet the legal requirements of the Province of British Columbia and must be registered with the Department of Vital Statistics. But in a church wedding, the spiritual dimension of marriage is as important as the legal.
You are welcome to be married at Alberni Valley United Church onsite or off-site whether you are part of the congregation or not; whether you have been married before; whether you and your partner have different religious backgrounds; whether you are different genders or not. We welcome you!
The staff at Alberni Valley United Church would be pleased to assist you with coordinating your wedding service. To prepare for your ceremony, Alberni Valley United Church will provide you with a marriage service with wording options that most closely complement the type of ceremony you are seeking.
To prepare for your wedding at Alberni Valley United Church
• Apply for a Marriage License within 90 days before your wedding date*
• Contact the church office to:
• set a time to meet with the Minister
• book a rehearsal time
• confirm when the wedding party requires access to the church to decorate and when the flowers
are to be delivered
• provide all certificates required for venue
• Before the rehearsal, please bring your marriage license, your cheque for the fees and donation,
and any digital music that will be played during the service.
*The marriage license can be obtained at:
Service BC
Telephone:250 720-2040
Fax:250 724-9298
Address:4070 8th Avenue, Port Alberni BC V9Y 4S4